Town Plan Commission

Town Comprehensive Plan Update

The 2018-2038 Comprehensive Plan provides a 20 year vision for the physical, social, and economic development of the Town. The Plan is comprehensive in scope and provides goals, objectives, policies, maps, and programs to help guide development of the Town. All ordinances, such as rezonings and other land use decisions, must be consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. The Plan provides guidance and direction to help the Town make rational, consistent decisions that are consistent with the values and desires of the residents.

By State law, every municipality in Wisconsin is required to adopt a Comprehensive Plan that includes, at a minimum 9 required elements. The 9 required elements are:

  • Issues and Opportunities
  • Housing
  • Transportation
  • Utilities and Community Facilities
  • Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources
  • Economic Development
  • Intergovernmental Cooperation
  • Land Use
  • Implementation

The Town's Comprehensive Plan was adopted in September 2009 and was updated in 2018

Plan Commission Members

Don Perry: Chairman, Town Resident, Two Year Term
Karen Tomesh: Town Board Representative
Robert Solberg: Town Board Representative
John Steensland: Town Resident, Two Year Term
Greg Fahrman: Town Resident, Two Year Term
Dustin Hurtgen: Town Resident, Two Year Term
Amy Alpine: Town Resident, Two Year Term